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Delivering Excellence through Expertise

Specializing in the areas that require strategic analyses and execution, lean manufacturing, operational excellence, education and training, Excellence UAE has experts who understand the market trends and requirements to deliver exactly what they want. Created in UAE in 2013 by a smart consultant, Ignacio C. Gateall and his team, who aren’t just accomplished and has industrial, operational and management background, but also offers the right channels for communication and development between multi-sector experts, they have set the benchmark in every aspect. Aiming to provide the right framework to motivate employees thereby helping them to deliver success, they have adopted a consistent approach to deliver topnotch results.

Synonymous with Honesty & Integrity, Passion, Excellence & Innovation and Success, Excellence UAE gives optimum attention to detail and delivers results with uncompromising standards. Eager to be of help and help sustain the #1 position, the experts here can be contacted at or by phone at +971 44316 785. Delivering their expertise to help companies experience continual improvement, they offer a wide range of services comprising of training, certifications, seminars, group training on request, one-on-one coaching sessions and other customized services within their area of prowess. Teeming with expert consultants and certified trainers, guidance, online presentations and other methods are used to educate and develop the employees as per the company’s requirements.

This business excellence firm in UAE offers ILM recognized training and certification is provided. Lasting just one week, they offer Lean Manufacturing for the Beginners, 3 weeks +1 project for Lean Manufacturing Practitioner, 10 weeks including project for Lean Manufacturing Advance Practitioner and 3 weeks program for Continuous Improvement in Kaizen Methodology and Implementation to help trainees to understand and practice business successfully. Excellence UAE certified courses are offered in Lean Sigma 6 Green Belt that has a duration of 1 week + project, Lean Sigma 6 Black Belt with a duration of 2 weeks + project and Innovation & Participation Systems: How to engage your Employees through their Ideas which is a 3 days program. They offer seminars that can be either held in-house or at external venues for general attendance.
Achieving commendable success through the right means and procedures offered by Excellence UAE is the best as they have formulated a series of strategies, managerial skills and processes. With tried and tested means to achieve A-1 results, they assure of operational excellence through core activities like

 Lean manufacturing to minimize expenditure of resources and prevent wastages
 Six sigma to improve the quality of processes and outputs through their well-formulated strategies, techniques and tools
 Scientific management or Taylorism to analyze and synthesize workflows. Promising to improve efficiency and labor productivity, it applies science to the engineering of processes and management.

Equipped with management and leadership team developing a competence-based leadership system who can provide relevant knowledge and imparting methods to ensure optimum efficiency is offered by Excellence UAE. Their vast range of resources are offered for purchasing things online and it includes books, OpEx tools and Presentations. Delivering the complete range of products and services to enhance business through the right methods, this company with global professionals having experience of over 15 years deliver quality, professionalism, and recognition in everything they do.